MPHY203P: Clinical Engineering – Transducers (2017)

MPHY203P: Clinical Engineering – Transducers (2017)

2nd Year B.Sc. Module, Dep. Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering, University College London

Course aims and objectives

  • To provide sound basic knowledge of the scientific principles and the practical aspects of transducers and physiological monitoring techniques.
  • To impart knowledge and understanding on the design and function of practical clinical sensors and transducers.
  • To impart knowledge on the theory of commonly used physiological monitoring techniques and provide practical illustrations of their implementation.

Lecture notes

  • Lecture 01: Introduction to transducers, ultrasound, piezoelectric elements, accuracy, precision, resolution, non-linearity, calibration [pdf].
  • Lecture 02: Example on accuracy/precision/calibration, ECG  [pdf].
  • Lecture 03: Spirometry, differential pressure sensing, Bernoulli Equation, calibration of spirometer, capnography, pressure sensors [pdf].

Further reading

  • “Clinical Engineering” – Taktak, Ganney, Long, White


  • Dr. Ilias Tachtsidis, University College London
  • Imperial College London, Sensors, EE302
  • Robarts Research
  • Oxford University, Medical Instrumentation 2001